Our Lenten Mission is coming up!  Rev. John Balluff will preside over weekend Masses March 2 & 3 so you can get to know him a little, and he will then deliver the Mission message on Monday and Tuesday, March 4 & 5.  All are welcome–bring a friend or two!

Dear All Souls Parishioners,

I have served as a priest for some 35 years in various positions, as Parochial Vicar, Pastor, and currently as Episcopal Vicar for Clergy in the Joliet Diocese. The 

current roll is similar to Human Resources in a company. I try to help and support priests in their mission and assign our priests to parishes in the diocese. I have given several parish missions and a variety of retreats in this country and in Europe. My educatio

n is like most priests with the addition of a Doctorate from the Gregorian University in Rome, where I met and became friends with your current pastor, Fr. Mark Kalema.

Life has a way of keeping us on the surface of things. We have to be intentional if we want to go deeper into life with Christ. Look at your schedule and make a plan. Like inertia it is hard to start something, but make the effort and commit yourself to the upcoming parish mission.

Fr. John Balluff